Orbitides Product Detail:

Flaxseed Orbitides (Linusorbs)– A revolutionizing combination

Flaxseed oils contain a surprisingly high concentration of several different dissolved cyclopeptides. Characteristics of Orbitides:

  • Unique cyclic peptides found in flax seed oil.
  • Bind easily with other chemical compounds.
  • Useful to stabilize other compounds.
  • Have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.
  • Display immunomodulatory activity.
  • Potential time-release applications for medications.
  • Control release of aromatic oils and flavours.
  • Enhance water solubility of certain compounds.
  • Gluten free, Non-GMO, Clean Label.

Cyclic Peptides Product Details:

Flax Orbitides, or linusorbs (LOs) are unique cyclic peptides found in surprisingly high concentrations in flaxseed oil.  LOs are exciting compounds because of their immense versatility.  LOs, classified as Cryptands, bind easily with other chemical compounds. This rare ability makes them useful for modifying how chemical compounds react in their environment and with other chemicals, creating extensive opportunities for industrial use.1

In pharmaceutical drug-delivery systems they can be used to stabilize other compounds, create time-released medications, mask unpleasant or bitter tastes and smells of drugs, and to enhance water solubility of certain compounds to increase their bioavailability.2 LOB3 functions as an immunosuppressive drug, equvalent to cyclosporine A, but with the advantage that LOB3 is non-toxic even at high doses.3 4 5 The cosmetic industry uses LOs as cryptands to control the release of aromatic oils in their products, and there are also the potential applications for the anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties of LOs.

The food industry uses them to enhance the flavour of foods by binding to the volatile oils found in various flavours and fragrances.6 LOs can also be used to remove unwanted compounds from foods, for instance they have applications for lowering the cholesterol content of milk and eggs.7 LOs can be added to animal feed to reduce morbidity, and improve overall animal health.8 Their ability to bind with heavy metals, organic contaminants and pollutants also creates opportunities to develop environmental decontamination products such as spill kits and absorptive containment tools.9

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