Hand Sanitizer – 710ml or 24oz



BioTide antiseptic 80% alcohol hand sanitizer is made with a high quality technical-grade of alcohol free from heavy metals. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the use of technical-grade alcohol has been approved by Health Canada in the making of hand sanitizer. Thanks to Saskatchewan’s unique assets, Prairie Tide along with our collaborators, Bioriginal Food & Science Corp, and Pound-Maker Agvenentures have been able to produce a hand sanitizer that meets requirements of Health Canada, and can be produced in large quantities to meet the high demand of our medical professionals and the general public.

BioTide hand sanitizer Kills harmful bacteria/germs, and is convenient to use. The product is currently a liquid, but a gel form is in the making and close to completion

See Safety Datasheet here.


Please note!

Local orders can be picked up at our office at 102 Melville Street, and are not limited in quantity. We will contact you when your order is ready for pickup. However, shipping regulations limit the volume of hand sanitizer that can be sent through the mail to volumes of 1 liter or less. Selecting “Flat Rate” for shipping limits the amount of product you can add to your cart. Please submit multiple orders if you would like to receive larger volumes for personal use through the mail. If you would like to purchase larger volumes for commercial use, please fill out our contact form and a sales representative will be in touch shortly. We thank you for your understanding.