BioTide Equals TEAMWORK

Apr 18, 2020

April 17, 2020

BioTide Equals TEAMWORK!

BioTide Sanitizer

“BioTide” is a name that represents TEAMWORK!  It combines the corporate names of Bioriginal, and Prairie Tide Diversified Inc.

As BioTide Alcohol Antiseptic goes live, Dr. Martin Reaney, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan, and CEO & CSO of Prairie Tide, was interviewed this morning on CBC Radio One by Jen Quesnel.  He describes the effort that has gone into developing the BioTide disinfectant and Hand Sanitizer, and how BioTide went from a casual conversation to finished product in 4 WEEKS!  To measure this against a comparable yardstick, in normal Non-Covid-19 conditions, Fast Tracking a drug or medical device through the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) for example, means the FDA would take action on that drug in 6 months instead of the usual 10 months. That is just the review process, and the Fast Track designation is reserved for Breakthrough Therapies considered to have significant life saving capabilities.

The Herculean effort to get BioTide out the door had to be coordinated at every level including Health Canada, our national equivalent to the US FDA.  Hats off to everyone involved in getting this done in 4 WEEKS!!!!  We take saving lives seriously here in the North.

Check out this News Segment on CBC:

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