Prairie Tide’s Corporate Response to Covid-19

Apr 16, 2020

BioTide Sanitizer

April 15, 2020

Prairie Tide’s Corporate Response to Covid-19

Despite this world being a lot crazier and more mixed up than normal, this has been a great day at Prairie Tide Diversified Inc.  We are ready to announce and launch an extremely important project we have been working on with our partners:  The University of Saskatchewan Bioprocessing Pilot Plant, Bioriginal Food & Science Corp, and Pound-Maker Agventures Ltd.

In a few short weeks these companies and the U of S have worked together to repair an important link in the disrupted supply chain of hand sanitizers and disinfectants.  One of the main reasons there has been a huge shortage of hand sanitizers and disinfectants is that there is an insufficient supply of high quality Alcohol.  All kinds of companies across Canada, and even the world have been scrambling to produce more hand sanitizer.  But if you can’t supply sufficient amounts of the highest quality alcohol that is free of impurities and heavy metals, you’re stuck.

Pound-Maker  Alcohol

Here in Saskatchewan, our farmers grow a lot of wheat.  By the way, thank you to all Saskatchewan farmers for your exceptional crops.  We also have ethanol plants that convert that wheat into fuel-grade ethanol.  At the University of Saskatchewan, we have a really, really smart guy by the name of Dr. Martin Reaney who spends much of his time thinking about how to make regular things great.  For instance, you should see what he can do with a flax seed!  To make a long story short, when he got thinking about this whole Sanitizing Alcohol shortage thing, here’s what he came up with (follow the link below):

USask researchers team up with companies to make hand sanitizer!

We’re very proud to give you a sneak peak at the culmination of weeks of really excellent work by all parties involved.


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